SunHeater® Liquid Heat Shield

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SunHeater solar pool heating systems add heat to your pool, but as with any pool, heat loss can occur from a variety of factors, most notably pool water evaporation. Solar Blankets can help your pool retain the heat, but they are often cumbersome and expensive. The new SunHeater Liquid HeatShield, made from natural chemicals, acts like a liquid solar blanket, and it is much easier to use than a traditional buble solar blanket. Simply add the amount designated for your pool using the easy-to-read markings on the bottle. Liquid HeatShield will help your pool retain the heat generated by your pool heater system by reducing pool water evaporation*. The SunHeater HeatShield also has the benefit of preserving your pool chemicals, saving you time and money.

• Reduces water, heat and chemical loss due to pool water evaporation

• Extends your swimming season, 100% safe for your family

• Easy-pour bottle with volume marks

• Use just 4 oz. for every 20,000 Gal.

* Actual temperature retention will vary depending on the weather conditions and exposure to the sun.



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